These broke wind twice over the weekend. Sometimes I think back and it amazes me the kind of mindset that I used to have. I got these for $250 on release day….probably one of the most expensive shoes I have ever bought and to this day after like 6 years, all it does is just sit in my closet doing absolutely nothing.

Carmen’s was going to be the stomping grounds for the Pac-Man vs. Cotto fight on Saturday.

This is Pat, my sister’s boyfriend. The restaurant was actually acquired by his family a couple of months back so we actually got front row to view the fight at his spot.

And this guy Pacquiao. Honestly I am not a fan of the guy but it’s hard not to see how the spotlight is on him. I am about the same weight class as the dude and I can only image what his fists would do to my face seeing how Cotto’s looked like. By 12th round, it was game over. The guy really is just a great fighter and he is not only skilled, but is a humble as I have ever seen one.

My cousin’s got in the spirit of the night and did some karaoke singing afterwards.

That stumbling walk home. You kind of look up like a 5-year old with a gaze of amazement. It was like being on LSD and peering at the gay version of heaven’s gates.

5 thoughts on “GAME OVER

  1. nice Jrods, sold mine a while back…I feel you though, I had one of those epiphanies today like, wtf are you spending your money on these for…common sense actually won over.

  2. How do you take pictures at night so nicely without using flash, I got a D60 and it just isn’t cuttin’ it. I would either have to change the ISO to make it hella grainy or put the shutter hella low so most of the pictures are blurry.

    1. Just get a quicker lens with a smaller f-stop. I was using the Nikon 35mm-f/1.8 lens and f/2.8 fisheye and it gets pretty crisp photos at night. If you have the kit lens, that is probably the main reason why your photos come out blurry.

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