Believe it or not, I read Fiddy’s blog site almost everyday at work. Hip-hop culture is stale as hell but I still kind of want to know what is going on and keep track of what the youth is being inspired by. He puts a nice spin on things and he actually got me to hate Fat Joe and Rick Ross, so he’s doing something right. He showcased his cologne at Macy’s yesterday and in order to have your picture taken with him, you had to buy his $70 stench as the fee. Regardless the line literally went out the door, so I am sure he made some chump change from all this.

Fifty fans are funny. One minute they are like “Fuck that nigga! That dude ain’t shit!”….and then when he comes in, “I love you Fifty! My god you are sooo foin!”.

Dude lost mad weight too. He’s not as dolo as he used to be but I am sure that hasn’t effected his sex appeal at all. All dude needs to do is take a pic with someone’s kids and everyone in unison proceeds to say Aaaaaaaaaahhh!

4 Responses to “THIS IS 50”

  1. Rolo Says:


  2. brick Says:

    Haha, nice spin man…you know you secretly picked up the cologne and did a self portrait with him, sticking one arm out and all!

  3. rich Says:

    do you smell like a million bucks now?

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      Sup Rich. Naw man, I smell like 50 million bucks now and after I sprayed it on, I got blasted like 8 times.

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