Struggling to get out of the usual Friday bliss, I declined the last round of beers and headed to catch the last 30 minutes of Mike Giant’s Las Cholas de Frisco unavailing.

So we’ve all written with Sharpies right? They stink, they bleed, and they make those nice dots on your pants when the cap comes off (we’re talking about a pen and not the menstrual cycle).

What makes it amazing to me is how Mike Giant can literally make these markers seem like ink graphics that come out of a inkjet printer. Remember when you write with these things and you make a line, stop and leave the marker there for like half a second and when you lift it up, it looks like you made some long sperm tadpole? Yeah, I saw literally no dots on any of these photos.

To my knowledge, I think most of the originals will be sold off (update: only 2 left for sale) and disappointingly, will not be made into more affordable posters.

Did happen to sneak in a shot of the Giant X Cinelli graphic for you bike lovers out there.

And this indian summer thing ain’t no joke. I got some flowed some free tickets to go see the 49ners lose to the Titans on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

First time going to a Niner game ever and it was in fine fashion. I literally sat five seats from the sidelines with one of the most intense football crowds ever.

3 and 5 for the season. It’s starting to sound like same sad story again.

2 Responses to “GIANTS AND NINERS”

  1. Rolo Says:

    Dope pics fong.

  2. dp Says:

    i was at this game lol

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