While searching for some things to add to my costume, I stumbled upon some old kicks that literally never see the day of light. I actually purchased these used off some guy around 05’ and almost 5 years later, I have only worn them like 5 times in my life. Still chalked as one of my favorite shoes of all time….I guess I just don’t want to devalue them any more then they already are.

I have this idea though that I’ll keep about 10 other kicks like these and break them out when I am 65 years old and wear nothing but priceless, valuable kicks till the day I die. I’ll be the coolest gramps on the block, or some old fool that gets mugged.

If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. I keep trying to live this youthful past I never had since my collage years were kind of a bust. Every year I feel like a tween and get all excited to go all out for one of the most hyped up holidays of the year….and every year as that day ends, I always say “it was aiight”. But SF goes hard on Halloween. As the kids slowly settle into their houses, that is when all walks of life come out to play.

And what the hell. Sunday was so nice with our late Indian summer that I just had to see some god damn animals. Yes, me rikey the animals.


  1. Very very clean Alhoas. Anywho when I was camping out for a fitted with my friend, that guy with the beer bottle on his head upside down, I got a video on him on my youtube page haha.

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