The drugs has caught up with me once again. At one point in my life, I used to hone my inner nerdness and considered myself a gamer of some sorts. Such narcotics include Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct, and Halo 2 which have all consumed me at one point in my life. About the same time I was moving out and my X-Box was turning into the old shit to sell at Gamespot, I finally kicked the habit and gave up the controller to focus on more important things in my life. 2 weeks ago, I jacked my credit debt once again and caved into buying a PS3. I am becoming the modern loser again.

Sunday I peered through my blinds like some POW, unshaved from my face to my ball sack, and noticed that the sun was unusually hot on a fall Sunday afternoon. I headed to Wallenburg High and skated flat for no more then 30 minutes until realized I still sucked from the last time I skated and that this shit can kiss my mother fucking ass and it can suck my oh so sweaty balls!

At least the youth of nation has no problem doing what I want to do. I met a kid there that had his parents drive all the way from Sacramento to jump the big four since rumor has it that it will be demolished in the up coming year. He didn’t swallow the full length of the penis but after about 10 tries, he at least did more then half….which is more then what I can say about dick sucking skills. Wait, what are we talking about again? Oh yeah, I take it up the butt when it comes to skating (my metaphors are off the charts today).

Please someone hire me as a skate photographer so I can say I am doing something with my life. That is all.


  1. Al Says:

    haha what game you play on PS3?

    im always playing on my PS3 but never before 11pm or after 3am.

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      Sup Al. So far I got Uncharted 2, SKATE 2 and NBA 2K10. I don’t have any internet at the crib yet so no online play but I’ll get it when Modern Warfare 2 comes out. The shit is consuming my weekends though. I’ll hit you up when I get a PSN.

  2. Douche McFarlen Says:

    Awesome pics, man! This definitely was a funny post… with all the balls, dick, and butt metaphors.

  3. Al Says:

    uncharted 2 was awesome but the multiplayer was a failure.

    MW is awesome and 2 is even going to be sick. too bad for PC players tho, no dedicated server.

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