I took a firm stand a good couple of years ago. I told myself I would never set foot in a rave infested environment ever again….yet, I find myself walking past the entrance into Lovefest.

I have already heard some testimonies from other people that were there. Sex in the port-a-potties, a couple of OD’d civilians….a public dick sucking contest?! It’s hard to decipher truth from fantasy since everyone seems to be in a dream state anyways.

When was the last time you saw this and said “Look at Susie acting a fool again!” chuckle-chuckle. You more or less like “Check out the dirty ho shaking the corn kernels out of her dookie-booty!” Hi-five your broham next to you and proceed to chug your Bud-Light.

This guy was having a hard day. Must have had just one too many and hurled all over the ground and rolled his face in his own puke and decided to take a nap right then and there until the cops showed up. Dude had a nice pair of Nike Blazers on though.

I know what you are saying. Shots from day to night and no naked chicks! For whatever it is, it just wasn’t in me to get shots like this and this and this and this. Blame it on the wind and the lack of catching a buzz I guess. Oh well, Halloween is around the corner.

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