I am becoming a fanboy more than ever. I had my sites set on seeing Ghostface on Haight St. Friday but the powers that be made him unable to come to the signing that he had, so I ended up just trotting over to Mike Giant’s studio aka Skullz Press.

With his permission of course, Mike allowed me to take some pics of his unique studio or the place where he smokes bud and draws some shit. Check out his wall of inspiration.

He also let us take a sneak peak on his new project Las Chicas de San Francisco where he takes photos of girls from SF and hand tattoos each photo of their bodies with nothing but a sharpie pen.

This was one of the two posters that was on sale specifically for that night. An ode to San Francisco.

And second was a poster called Against the Stream which was made for Noah Levine’s meditation center.

More exclusives! I thought this was another one of Mike Giant’s prints but this was actually the original drawing for FTC x Rebel8 Zip Zinger that will be made in the future.

This is Derick Montez. A tattoo artist at Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing and one time apprentice of Mike Giant. He’s got a show next week at Skullz Press to show off some original art work.

And a poster for the crib. I am thinking I might have a bunch of these things.


    1. Thanks dude. I was pretty much ease dropping the whole time though when he was showing people some of his work. I am sure he doesn’t even remember me from all the blunts he was smoking that night. But if you are interested in getting a poster, they do ship them out. If I had the hook up, I’d give them out like no other….but I had to fork over $50 like the rest of them.

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