It’s been a few weeks now since I have finally nestled into my new area. There have been some setbacks in just my living style since the bills are slightly larger then they used to be (with no gain of income), so I am sort of forced to cook meals moreso then ever.

Italian food is second best thing to getting your balls licked. Nothing sparks boners then mega-hot links simmered with garlic chunks. Hmmmm….boner.

One of the biggest pain in the asses was getting my new TV. So many damn hurdles from my lost ATM card to picking the wrong model TV have been preventing me from getting what I want. Finally had my heart on a 40-incher and went over the weekend to get it. Came home with the box and happened to run into my landlord as he complimented me on my nice 46″ TV. 46″? What the? Holy! Thanks to the little asian girl that helped me out, one of the biggest accidents ever at Best Buy finally works to my advantage.

Ending the weekend, Maria and I decide to head to the Doin’ It In The Park festivities.

HUF’s own J-Billion doing a live video shoot with the homies.

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