Jesus, I forgot how much Filipinos and Hennessy go together. Went to another wedding this weekend. Got to see a lot of the high school homies I really don’t see no more. In a gay way, everyone actually still looks good….which is more then what I can say about myself since I am slowly morphing into a middle aged man.

Okay, the guy rubbing his tits is Edler. Apparently he is my numbo-wun-fan. I am trying to give him his 15 minute shine. I’ve known the guy ever since middle school. I think he clowned on me for having whack sneakers during PE class. What a fucking traumatizing event! That and a slew of other stuff made me into the crazed shoe maniac that I became in the later years of my life. I didn’t think having some wrecked Reeboks was that bad of a thing, but I guess that must be a measurement of ones penis size. I guess I have the last laugh since my penis must be 20 feet long now. Right! The rest of the crew L to R: Gino, Edler, Eric, Ryan, Adrian and Reindeer.

More tit grabbin’ and Zoolander posing. Brett, Ryan, class clown of ’99 Darwin and Jon.

Brett, the best man Nick and the man of the hour Vic.

Devon the dude. Part ring bearer, part beat freak.

And the lovely couple Vic and Melissa. Who says high school romance can’t last. Congrats you guys!

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