Finally the last of Vegas. It has been a fun 5 days but I think for the most part, I am done with this place……..forever. See you when I see you.

6 Responses to “VEGAS LEFTOVERS”

  1. Rolo Says:

    Nice, makes me wanna go back to Vegas. Is that the Retro pop effect?

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      Sup Rolo. Yeah, that is the retro pop thing on NT. Kind of gave me an excuse to put up some more Vegas pics that I didn’t edit yet. Good stuff on you blog too. Need to shoot more with my straight lens.

  2. Vinson Says:

    Great Photos!
    How did you create that Retro pop effect? did you use a filter?


    Bro, awesome shots… Btw, expect goodies this week finally got thangs done!

  4. Melissa Says:

    I LOVED all of the pictures from our wedding! 🙂 too bad I had to track them down to get a glimpse! Would it be too much to ask to get a copy of them??

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