The ever famous Fentons in Oakland. Pretty cool that it got a little spotlight on Disney’s UP. I think only a few people would have really noticed it but I was one of the few that had my eyes widen up a little when their name was dropped.

Fentons’ signature killer sundae. I think I only ate a 3rd of it….and that is with help.

If you saw a guy wearing a big ass chain that said Mistah Fab, wouldn’t you think it was him? Pretty calm guy for a someone that makes a living making music for stupid, dumb and retarded people (pun intended), but I guess he now makes songs about Twitter now. I guess he’s just like any other person and is just enjoying a nice ice cream like everyone else.

I never come to the East Bay no more. Kind of forgot what is good out here. Nothing has really changed, which I think is a good thing. I have been going to the Berkeley Marina for ages now and it never fails to succeed in reminding me of the good ol’ times. Over here I had a couple of formal high school dances, family picnics for the 4th of July, make out sessions and holding hands at the dock of the bay.

But today is today….and it was just fucking cold as hard tits! You can spit on a dick for hours and in 5 seconds, it would be back to shriveled up dry dick. Back the the car.

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