PRIDE 2009

I must apologize in advance if I might be a little crude with the next couple of words that are typed out. Talking about gay pride is like walking on pins and needles. On one half, you want to be as open minded as possible and to realize that these people (Wha choo mean these people!) are human beings like the rest of us on this planet. On the other hand….well, this is pretty weird shit for even an out of the box person as myself. First things first, got to get the stomach prepared.

Crepevine is literally everywhere in SF. It’s nothing really that tantalizing, except for there Asian chicken salad that was….oh my god, to die for!

On to the show. This are just a smigit of what I saw and for some reason I was getting headache spasm from all the techno music that playing, so I couldn’t be as photogenic as I could have been.

First off we have Mr. Lonely Butts here. Claims himself to be a vegan but looking at his love handles and his 3 inch butt crack, I’d put money on it that this guy was a half ass liar. The message was good but the execution was about a negative 39. Kudos for the matching head piece and purse enhancements though. Martha Stewart would have been proud, until you said you were an ass pirate.

Frank mutha fuckin’ Chu was in the house as usual. Once a protesting whore, the guy practically says nothing now, but embraces his star power as he literally has hundreds of people walk up to him to take a picture with him as if he was Mickey Mouse himself.

These guys were a riot. I think I gazed at there booth for like half of a milli second before they frolicked over like a pair of fairies, insisting that I buy a Now Go Homo shirt. I explained that would be a conflict of interest seeing how I liked vaginas and other holes of that nature, but felt like they thought they could suede me the other way if the had the power to.

The picture explains itself….or maybe not. And no that his not his wiener. It is a wooden shaped dildo that is replicated to be his wiener. What kind of man do you think this is!



These guys were popular for about two seconds until the about 5 drag queens stole their thunder and marched off with the crowd. I mean who hasn’t seen men on stilts before. I should have taken a dump on the streets and declared myself the mayor of all feces everywhere. Probably would have gotten a picture or two and a nice hand slap on the ass.

And my favorite picture of them all. If there is one thing that is embedded in my mind, Pride is about being openly happy and freakin’ colors. Everyone came out in fine fashion with their best dressed attire. It was entertaining for the most part, but I was so jaded by all of it from my sleepless nights from before. I guess I can finally say I went to Pride for once. Not for the squeamish at heart (my cousins said some girl getting plowed in the porta potties) but if you look past it all, it really is just a big ass party.

5 thoughts on “PRIDE 2009

  1. I was in The City yesterday too. My parents wanted to attend Glide Memorial Church for the first time and little did we know that the entire service would be dedicated toward Pride. It was quite an experience considering that our regular church is pretty conservative. Oh, and the parade…crazy!

    1. Forgot about you guys. Didn’t really catch the parade but just the general surroundings were pretty bugged. Never really seen anything like it but it was an experience needless to say. A straight parade would be pretty funny. Like a Al Bundy float along with a Chuck Norris one.

  2. Super slick. Stumbled upon here through my friend Robby. Glad to see some fun shots of sf pride. Mr Rimhead freaked the crap out of me though. Good stuff.

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