The sun was as perky as hard tits on ice on Saturday. It was a perfect day to just stroll the streets of San Francisco.

My friend Wes sent me an e-mail blast saying that his crew redid the wall across from Cha Cha Cha’s. An ode to rock n’ roll, drugs and the hippie life of Haight Street.

Last week, FTC had an in store art show with painter Alan Gonzalez. Simple but effective acrylic on canvas, capturing iconic characters of past and present. My money would have gone to the space alien lookin’ Urkel.

Murs the MC.

The boom bap kid, blastmaster KRS-ONE.

Always setting the bar with low budget skate vids, I scooped the new Baker/Deathwish Tour video. The video starts off with the aftermath of Antwuan Dixon fighting some guy on a commercial flight airplane. The result was guy’s face bloodied and battered, screams from other passengers….followed by the “Baker Deathwish Tour” title in green and Build Me Up Buttercup filling in the soundtrack. 60 minutes of the usual hijinx and fiascos consisting of weed, fights, and hammers. Very typical Baker.

Two butterflies allowed me to take photos of them while they proceeded to hump each others brains out. Spring is definitely in the air.


  1. i usually hate fisheye fotos, i get tired of looking at them but i always seems to like your shit and the things you shoot.

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