On a fine beautiful Saturday morning, I dropped by DLXSF to check out some of the new goods as well as talk to the crew. Spoke to the Rasa Libre designer there that just launched the new site and even some local photography savs that shoot for the infamous Low Card zine.

Pretty much nationwide now, the new Stefan Janoski‘s should be at all your finer skate shop retailers. These are the brown joints that released with the black ones as well. Limited to the first batch, the shoe also came with some cork insoles as the Janoski family has it’s foot in the wine industry. Comes in a sweet wine bag too.

Spoke to the manager at DLX and he gave me the scoop that the Fallen team will be in the house next Sunday. A signing with all your favorite Zero goons as well as a small demo at 3rd and Army right after.

Walked down Market St. a few blocks down to catch the Civic Center Bart and realized I was near the Market Street Gallery.

Actually someone at my work told me about this as I was carrying some decks to work. Just a little local show with a great cause. 50 artists doing hand custom painted skateboard decks in helps to raise money for the homeless youth in the Tenderloin.

Drove down with Maria to Fort Miley area to stretch out our legs out in the nice weather with the slight wind chill factor.

The Legion Of Honor.

One day when I stop drinking and eating scraps on the daily, I’ll save some money to go on a trip to Europe to see some real art. Not graffiti, not weak ass chicken scratch…. but REAL ART. Where people dedicated their livelihood to practice something that brought no real physical treasures, but only pride and satisfaction of accomplishing something that takes real mastery and skill. One day….

Later on we drove back to the heart of city to check out Ian Johnson’s new art show and get my board signed. Full coverage here.

And what a better way to end the night. Steaks, some veggies, sangria and a HBO special. What a great day! Can’t wait for the sun to bring out some real heat. I am ready for it.

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