One of the best bang for your buck happy hour spots (minus the crowd) is Palios on Sacramento street. Get two alcoholic beverages and receive this nice thin sliced pizza for free.

The beautiful streets of North Beach. Only about a couple blocks up was the line for Dave Chappelle’s show at Cobbs. I found out about his show on Wednesday and still couldn’t get tickets for all 3 of his shows this week.

So it’s not like I haven’t been hip to this info before. Apparently one of SF’s most slept on venues is the night life experience that they have at museums and exploratoriums. Okay, don’t expect top notch ho’s and booty shakin’ strippers. This is just an alternative thing to do when you’ve done almost everything in the city. Still, when you have enough drinks in your system, the place does turn into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory at times. But for some reason, science and liquor just hurt my head.

I am not going to go out on a limb and say this was totally worth my while, but luckily Maria knew someone that worked at the Exploratorium and we got in for free. We grabbed about two drinks each and called it a night and ate cheap chinese in Chinatown. Consider these pictures a window into this place and just save your money but this is an idiot telling you that science is dumb.

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