To coincide with my cousin’s days off, I decided to take a much needed vacation from work on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sounds kind of cliche to go to the beach on a vacation day but if there was anytime to go enjoy the smoggy fresh air of San Francisco, it was this day. Brought some bento boxes and did it Japanese style with some fresh Stellas to chase down the food.

Later decided to go to Golden Gate Park and take a piss at one of the free bathroom facilities iat the De Young museum since we didn’t want to pee in the ocean. It probably wouldn’t have mattered since the water is infested with boots and spare tires, but the water was freezing cold and my nuts would have sadly fallen off from frost bite.

And to finish the day off, we set off to little Manila to celebrate Filipino Heritage Night at the Giants vs Padres game.

And yes you are seeing things right….that is a pet rat the size of the guy’s forearm.

The game was straight and Renteria was the man slapping in the game deciding grand slam home run. Got to the stadium a little late but still managed to see Manny Pacquiao on the jumbo screen with that dreaded knock-off bobble head that they were passing out that night. Speaking of which, I am sure all you Pacman fans know by now but Fatlace will be exclusively dropping his Nike Trainer 1 shoe on May 2nd. Don’t even get at me with any hook-ups or info cause honestly I don’t have them, but support the store anyways and wait in line like all the other die hard fans. Good luck to yah.

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