Sometimes offers get thrown my way and as I input all the info, I am like For real? About a month ago, I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to shoot a photo gig for a DJ that would be spinning at the Warriors vs. Memphis game on Monday night. In return, I would get the golden pass to sit courtside with other season ticket holders that either a) have old money b) fucked someone that has old money c) fucked a basketball player that has money but doesn’t love you enough to call you “boo” so as a consolation prize, he tosses two tickets to a game for you and your fat friend to watch him play. I have fortunately/unfortunately have done none of the sorts but managed to be sitting side by side with these mongrels. Holy hell these basketball players are big as shit in real life!

The cool kids Derrick and Jeremy. Props for the opportunity to let me shoot at a GS-Dub game like a true poporazzo.

2 Responses to “I AM WITH THE DJ”

  1. berl Says:

    ill sh*t.

  2. Philly Says:

    Man we have the same camera, but my photos never end up looking like this. Sick photos yo!

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