Got around to shooting some portraits for my cousin Rin over the weekend. As a disclaimer, I always must emphasize that I am not a traditional photographer but more of a digital one of this trade. More then likely on almost every picture that I have displayed, I have treated as a digital output and will never print. Believe it or not, these shots above have all been heavily tampered in Photoshop with fixing the contrast, color, and lighting along with a little bit of cloning and airbrushing. Hopefully if I did my job right, they should all look really subtle to the eyes and can pass as an actual shot. Disappointing to know that out of 113 photos, these were the ones that made it past my mark of “yeah, that looks aight”, but that is the beauty of shooting digital I guess.

3 thoughts on “RIN

    1. It’s the kit lens (18-105mm) for the D90. Doesn’t quite get a great bokeh like in your photos but I plan on getting the new 35mm DX lens that just came out that is equivalent to a 50mm lens on a full frame.

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