For the most part, it wasn’t what I expected but people tell me it looks different after it heals. Hopefully by the end of tonight unless I am stumbling home from celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and need to pass out to wake up for work, I’ll have some better looking photos. I am off to get crunk to numb this pain. Peaces.

Okay, let me first start off by saying that me not liking my tattoo has nothing to do with Everlasting as a shop and their talents as tattoo artists. I 100% back them all and recommend them to the fullest if anyone is out there shopping for tats. I think this has more to do with not really knowing how tattoos work and of course I can’t (holy shit…..the tattoo realization has kicked in) but if I can do this over I would have made the tattoo a tad bit larger and had no thick lines. I mean it looks cool, right? I’ve showed it to about 20 coworkers today and they have all congratulated on me having a might fine tattoo. So what is the problem? NO ONE CAN TELL WHAT IT IS!!! Regardless of the cleanliness of the tattoo, if no one can tell what it is, that means in some sort of way….it is bad. Usugrows artwork is pretty abstract in general but I think I should of had this more as a tattoo and not a replica of his work. First off the tattoo has way to many intricate details and to show them off, the lines should have been more subtle. Look at the bug (if you can see it). With thin lines, it came out really nice and if you revert back to the original art work, there should have been a thick outline surrounding the whole body but with the tat, we left it alone. I think that is what failed with the flower. I think we should have left the stroke a lot thinner then the original. Other few adjustments could have made it better but all is pretty much said and done. I don’t know man….they say I will be my own worse critic and I am harsh in general with art but I have to live with this thing for the rest of my life so it is hard not to. Plus masturbating is totally weird now……

13 thoughts on “LIKE A TATTOO PART 2

  1. fong, dude, it looks rad. don’t sweat it. if its your first, you’re just goin through tattoo remorse. i did the same with my tat, and mr.cartoon did it. plus, as a designer, there’s not a shot in hell you would’ve been 100% satisfied no matter what went down. if it was inked thinner, you woulda wondered if it shoulda been bolder with more contrast. anyways, again, looks rad! embrace it.

  2. yo. it’s a very dope piece. remember… it’s YOUR piece. and honestly, i think it’s pretty dope. i like the bold lines. but you saying that you shoulda went larger, well… i always say go larger in getting ink but for your first time under the needle… big ups!! you did it bro so keep truckin and get more ink! and it’s true… you are your own worse critic. so be easy… let’s hope mike giant takes up new clientele here in sf. now that would be super fresh…

  3. and when it comes to the tat dude it looks totally dope! And about people not knowing what it is i can mos def tell right away like homeboy said dont sweat it and congrats on the tat that takes balls i deathly afraid of needles on the real haha

  4. Right on everyone. I think I said it before but I didn’t get this tattoo for public appeal but it feels good to know that people generally like it. So far it has been healing nicely and it is looking better every day. Appreciate the props and much respect…..

  5. I found your blog after looking for information on getting an Usugrow tattoo and after seeing the pics I’m pretty much sold – The piece looks great.

    I just wanted him to do some lettering for me but I’m guessing that’s gonna cost a ton of money.

    1. Right man. Usugrow is a great artist and it is a privalage for me to have his work tatted on my arm. As far as the lettering, it is pretty unique and I am sure Usugrow wouldn’t make you a custom one. Best thing to do is have another artist emulate it if he can which is possible but won’t be as cool if Usugrow did it. Anyways….good luck with it.

  6. Cousin you’ve made a guy scared of needles, consider ink. For a fairy tattoo, it looks cool. Oh wait, it’s a bug or something? Oh uh yeah it’s dope. You worry too much.

    1. Do it dude! Total advocate of tats now. They say when you get older, it will look nasty but who looks good naked when you’re old anyways, even without tattoos. Yo ass should be cover up regardless. But do it homey…..just get the artwork straight…which is the hardest part.

  7. Hey I love usugrow’s work Im in the proccess of doing my whole arm in his work i have half done already!!!!!!!!!!!! Im excited to get the rest done….. Your arm is original and i LOVE it.

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