There was a time when I would listen to this song and it would take me to a place of pain. I think they were pleasure pains. I was never a drinker. I had hard times going to sleep. I needed a substance….but was too chicken to try some real junk. My brother gave me a Costco bottle sized Jack Daniels as a house warming present and I don’t think I shared a drop of it that year. Solitude was my enemy; Jack was my friend.

I think this is how that tattoo felt. I loved the pain. The buzzing sound of the needle dragging in my skin was music to my ears. I could have sat through the whole 3 hours session if they would have let me, but seeing that this was my first tattoo, Luke and Everlasting decided to break it up into two. Did it hurt? Imagine someone telling you that on a Tuesday, a guy is going to come by and punch you in the gut as hard as he can and on the day it happens, a 5 year old boy comes out and pats the tip of your dick with his bare knuckles. It stings for like a hot sec but it ain’t no thang. More to come on this Fongstarr X Usugrow X Everlasting tattoo in two weeks (Collabo!). Geez….I feel like I have a gay henna tattoo. It will probably match my pierced vagina.

4 thoughts on “LIKE A TATTOO PART 1

  1. ill tattoo… for real. can’t wait to see the shading. major ups…

    also be wary… tattoo’s are addicting after the first one haha.

    1. I am already at that level where I want more. There is just too much space on my arm. But yeah dude….good looks on pointing me in the right direction and all. You and your girl get tattoos like not other. Mine was like a planned pregnancy.

  2. jay, dope fucking tat bro! that lotus flower with the skull is one of my all time favorite pieces. i want one now! can’t wait till you get it shaded.

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