I normally don’t care if people steal my photos just cause I knowingly put it out there with no watermark on it but it is always nice that people give me credit for my own stuff. Apparently there is a spanish type Hypebeast blog that linked my photo and Fatlace blog to their site. Not really a big thing but it is just weird seeing my photo on another site, let alone a spanish one. Right on folks! Yo pago la proxima cerveza!

EDIT: More love….

4 thoughts on “YO NO HABLO ESPAñOL

  1. Orale Pinche Chino!! sigue le echando ganas porque unos de estos días te vas a hacer famoso y no le vas a hablar a los que te conocían antes, e cabrón! in other words… Keep up the good work!!!!

    1. ^^^This dude. You know I don’t speak that alien talk! We got to connect soon homie…..after this rain passes. Peaces.

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