Welcome to San Mateo California. Home to kids that won’t move away from ledges when being skated on but even after all their buffoonary, they all manage to skate better then me. All of them.

I am figuring out more and more that I can not shoot skateboard photography. My sense of framing goes all out of whack when I try to get that money shot a.ka. pop shot. That and I have a four second late reaction thing going on. (Someone smacks my face)***one-two-three-four*** “Ouch!” Retard delay. Not good when someone is pushing their guts out to land a trick and I scream “my bad” for the ump-teenth time. My bad Phil.

Leaving San Mateo, I went to check out HUF‘s book signing for the Made For Skate book. Too bad people never really know how cool of a thing this is. I mean if Lupe shows up to HUF, every man’s dick would be hanging out just so they can say their pecker grazed Mr. Fiasco’s belt buckle or some shit. I mean today’s footwear culture has to give partial credit to skateboarding’s past but little to no one really showed up except for the die hard elite and the modern day skate nerds like myself.

Apparently Wieger Van Wageningen skated this pair before it was given for this shoe tour. Check out the rubber toe cap.

I know shoe comebacks are a plenty (Nike relaunch with SB, Adidas finally getting a skate program after the Gonz and Lance Moutain have been skating them for years, the rebirth of Axion) but there is no way in hell Airwalks are going to make it in this biz again. Oddly enough, the ollie pad on here kind of reminds me of what Nike did with the E-cue and the Zoom 360, and this Airwalk was created some time ago. Kind of makes you think who was ahead of the times here. The running man logo sucks anyways.

Adidas superstar abused by the Gonz.

Air Jordan and Air Kaupas side by side.

I bought these at HUF when they came out. Sold them probably three years later after the release and got my money back.

D3s in the house! The moon boot to have in the mid/late 90’s, fat laces and all but boy are you gay if you still have a pair.

Daniel Schmid and Jurgen Blumlein, the creators of the Made For Skate book.

The infamous E-Bay dunk that made us all cum in our pants a little and to this day, no one knows who bought it.

Probably the shoe that restarted my Nike craze. The NYC colored URLs and black E-cues….bought when I was a junior in college during my lunch break at Stussy SF. The rest is history….and so was my money.

Jermey Fish X Nike Classics.

For the cheapo in all of us ($45 for this book will be hard for some to swallow), there is a short digital version of this book that you can check out here. Props to the HUF skate crew for the Budweisers and just for setting up this event. Cop your book today!

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