In comparison, if the Alien premiere was like an opening night for Spiderman, then the Cliche premiere was more like a viewing for an independent film festival. I think I counted about twelve heads that intentionally came to the Madrone Lounge to see this video and the rest were just passerbyers that caught the flick out of coincidence. But let me see if I can take a better stab at attempting to promote this video since I failed miserably with Mindfield. Forewarning, only hard core skaters will know what I am talking about. Clé was….good! Not epic but good in its own right. Simple editing, about 50 minutes total footage, no over dramatic flares to the film like abusing the use of slow-mos, some bangers here and there but not limited to just that (Brezinski defines a whole new level of what tech skating is all about. Never seen anything like it, even after seeing every Daewon footage out. Manny-noseslide-flip out?), the music compliments the skating properly (since this is a European skate brand) and to make things that much more creative, they had some parts where live musicians played to a certain skater’s part. Add some tour footy for some fillers and one of the best intro parts by JB Gillet and you have a DVD worth coping, or at least downloading. **Spoiler alert ** last 4 tricks in Brophy’s enders were nothing but ollies!

On the way back, noticed some haterade was splashed on the windows of my favorite burrito spot near my bust stop.

And speaking of Mind Field….Mind Field on the go! I get to watch Heath and Omar destroy spots over and over and….


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