Did you see it?

Apparently someone snatched my photos from my site and forwarded them to her to put on her myspace cause it sure wasn’t me. Hopefully this means she has to have my babies or something like that, or at least touch me in some erotic way. Alright a hi-five will do the trick for now. If anything, I am just flattered she likes the photos, even though her man Nikki Sixx got me on that artsy stuff. Thanks to 206 for the heads up on this.


  1. Marcos Rios Says:

    DAMMMM!!! I see how your ass is getting Your name out there, so you deiced to just forget us beaners but its kool… Keep up the good job!!

  2. berl Says:

    pretty rad that your phots are up on her myspace. big ups…

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