It still amazes me the love that people have for something that isn’t respected amongst the general public (as much as my mother digresses on any idea of skateboarding and believes that no man-child should be carrying one after the age of sixteen). Porn is more acceptable then skateboarding. Grown man with a box of porn or grown man with a skateboard? Jizz on your nipple or tre flip down a triple? Comparing sex, drugs and cream-pie holes to a piece of plywood and urethane wheels is a hard stretch cause I am sure a lot of people are shushing at both things but last time I checked, you can’t go to jail for having a hard on in your living room stroking to Disney’s finest flicks like Poco-cuntis and Finding Nemo’s Penis. But dude, I love this shit! Maybe I was molested as a child by a skateboard but I can’t get enough of this. If I went to a strip club, I would want to see poles with skateboards dancing around it doing hardflips and bigspins. Eh, alright…maybe some analogies shouldn’t be used cause I would rather blow bubbles on some titties then tighten someone’s trucks for two hours. Would having sex with a skateboard make you gay or a freak? Anyways, watch Mind Field.

And through the powers that be, I videoed Heath’s part and for some reason, it wasn’t found on my camera….and I know I recorded it! The Aliens must be at work.

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