Peeped the opening reception for Ron English and Alex Pardee‘s show today. I must say, I got it twisted thinking Pardee’s stuff was mediocre to my eyes but the guy produced some really quality art work. Homeboy makes Tim Burton look like Walt Disney with the twisted stuff he comes up with and the guy is a sweetheart and is humble as can be. It seemed hard to follow up such a show like Jeremy Fish’s but with a big ass alien in the corner with a tub TV in his stomach, I think he did just that. Check the video below for the recap….and your in luck, I paid the $60 to Vimeo so all my embedded videos should be in somewhat HD quality from now on. To bad it doesn’t help my cinematography skills….



  1. berl Says:

    damn yo i missed this one… hopefully it’s still up. i’ma check out the info on the site to make sure. pardee’s work is insane.

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