I found some of my coding from my past Myspace blog (gay I know) before I had this one and to my surprise, most of the photos weren’t taken down and are still being hosted. So instead of dipping into 2008, I decided to share some photos from 2006-2007. All text were written at the time of the events so if you really have the time to sift through it all (and I do mean all because this is one long post!), I commend you on being one lazy mother-fucker.

D-LAND | 8-27-06

No matter how much you fight it, this place always seems to put a smile on your face. With Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary going on, everyone came to join the festivities. I even saw Travis Barker from Blink 182 strolling around with is his seeds. At age 25, I’ve had one of the best times of my life there.



So I go home from work and just do some random skating when I get a call about my craiglist auction that I put up a week ago. This guy that has been ducking me for a week, finally agrees to come over my crib and scoop my turns. So I am reconstructing my gear, giving myself one last scratch session for ol’ times sake, when I get a e-mail that this guys going to come over about 8pm. So I am like cool…whatevs, doesn’t seem too late. So about another hour passes and I get another e-mail saying he’s going to come around 9:30-10pm. Now I am scheming some weird type shit like this fool is rounding is posse up so he can rob me or somthin’. Me being all paranoid, I get my weapons of choice (hammer & skatebaord….wtf) and I hide them near the door.

More time passes and then out of no where, my cell phone rings. I pick up and the guy wants to meet up half way cause he’s from the city and he’s taking a taxi….a FUCKIN’ TAXI! So now my brain is on switch mode, and I am like this guy must be freakin’ bum or something. Not even caring about my safety or any other bullshit, I pack the gear up in my dinky civic and drive to Emeryville to meet up with a stranger that wants my stuff that is worth over a $1000. The only thing on my mind…this is going to be some great blog-type shit! I was fathoming the thought that I was going to get robbed or something and that I would have the strength to somehow document it and put it on myspace (that was a joke by the way). So to make the long story short, I head over to the Emeryville shopping center and see the dude in a taxi SUV. I pull up behind them and out jumps this 12 year old looking boy that had to be like 5′2″ and weighed a buck-oh-five. He comes up to me and starts talkin’ in a crazy Aussie accent and told me that his friend was helping him get my turns and that all he had to do was pick them up from me. We swap stuff and he even throws me an extra $50 for driving out to him. I even looked at his meter on the cab and it was running $30 already, which means he’s spending about $60 or so just to meet up. So now I am $850 richer. What a night…and what is the first thing that I buy now that I have $850………..2 tacos at Crack.


Saturday, dropped by the growing ever-famous “Rock The Bells” tour. Let me tell you, best $35 spent in a while! A not-so full feldge line up compared to the Walnut Creek tour, but enough to satisfy your audio hunger. First, Tek & Steele came on set doing their NYC hustle music. “BuckTown” had to be my favorite joint. Next SuperNat did his usual freestyle set, grabbing shit in the air and rapping about lighters and SF State ID cards. I think if it was still 1999, I’d be on his tip but the whole underground scene is kind of lame, so his creativity seemed kind of like a circus novilty. Later Monch came on and only did like one song I recognized….but still, “Simon Says” will make girls rub on their titties!…Yeah, I said it! Rub on your titties! And of course the headliners of the night, Ghost, Rae and Red. Just pumping out classics after classics, minus Readman’s “Let’s Get Dirty” with DJ Kool and some other circa 2000 bullshit. But overall, a dope night of mid-90’s classics…..and talk about your contact high….


Today was the unforeseen epic release of the Krooked Adidas shoe that was designed by the legendary ex-pro Tommy Guerrero. Probably the best shoe drop experience that I’ve ever been to with tons of original Gonz art work, good vibin’ people and tons of $1 fuckin’ beers! They even had Mr. Guerrero spinnin’ on the ones and twos for the grown and mature. Later, the Rob-ster and I sweated out the liquor at our local skate park.







I am not one to judge peoples performances cause I can only imagine how hard it must be to entertain hundreds of drunk men and women for for two to three hours. I mean there’s only so much shit you can talk about and so many jokes that can end in some gut busting laughs. But it’s a sad state of affairs when your opening acts does better then your headliner (and your that dude from the damn Chappelle show!). Went to check out Paul Mooney at Cobbs with some folks and found myself doing the head nod dance from the lack of amusement. To make the rant short, Mooney repeated jokes from the Chappelle show and even did some stuff that I’ve seen in a Playboy mag (and to top it off, I couldn’t even snap no photos up in that piece!). If he ever comes in your town, save your money kids cause honestly dude is really not that funny.


The Emerica skate team did a demo in my backyard of Berk-Town. Pretty much the whole team was out, not really tearing it up, but at least all doing one or so tricks to please the millions of kids that were out in the blistering sun. In a way I was disappointed, but if there is one thing that I’ve learned from skating is that tricks only come out every so often. Don’t expect a huge display of Tony Hawk Pro Skater in the flesh. I think my favorite skater today had to be Mr. Reynolds with his smooth blasting backside and frontside flips over the garbage can. Overall a pretty mellow demo. Add that and a product toss, you have just a frenzy of kids going (as we Bay-destrians might say) dumb for stickers and skate gear.

4TH TIMES A CHARM | 7-14-07

I guess when it comes to Incubus, the MTV pop princess comes out in me because I am probably one of the biggest fans of the group by far. Brandon makes my insides churn, as does it for the hundreds of other “I’ll take off my top for you” women there. So here’s the strategy peoples, never buy tickets from legit box office dealers. Always peep out Craigslist prior to shows cause you’ll always get some sucker that has to attend to Grandmas funeral and is selling the tickets below face value (got mine for $60 for two tickets 12 hours before the show). Being that this was my fourth Incubus concert, you have to wonder if their aesthetic of playing live is turning sour for me. Not even the case (and they played Aqueous Transmission…wow!). I would rate this as the second best concert I’ve seen with them with probably the largest crowd attending. Berkeley ain’t no joke and the Greek Theater is the best place to have live rock shows. Another FYI for my fellow concert goers, never ever sit in front of a young couple that seemed to just start their love life cause they will suck face right in front of you while you have to play the “bob and weave game”. I’ve never understood full blow public affection…like they’re purposely trying to have kids in front of you. Other then that, check out a Incubus concert cause your missing out.

P-RIZZLE X 4 | 7-17-07

I’ve been waiting a long time for these, ever since I saw the order sheet months ago (I know…holy shit!). Made sure I stocked up. Props to CCS for coming through with the sweet deals and the free shipping. Remember kids…the cement thing is bullshit (hypocrisy at its best I know). P-Rod made these shoes what it is. To call them J-Rods is utterly retarded. Jordan had nothing to do with these shoes and I’d like to see his ass do a tre-flip k-grind down a rail.

USUGROW | 8-2-07

Meet my future tattoo artist. Went to Usugrow’s show today at Upperplayground gallery in SF, along with the very talented N8 Van Dyke. Seriously, I am getting a Usugrow tat by the end of the year. The dude fuckin’ rips and his pen stylee is nothing short of magical. If you’re in the Bay, I would highly check out seeing his work. Free beer, good art…….good times. Oh, I am off to L.A. tomarrow so expect some epic pictures of the southern coast or drunk pics of myself and some goobers. I’ll take you on a journey. And I hope the person that jacked my car tonight dies in hell.


Just made it into LA LA land. Took about eight and a half hours and there are two things that are true here, THE TRAFFIC SUCKS ASS and it’s pretty damn humid here compared to the Bay. I got to stay at my friend’s crib in the Irvine area that I’ve been meaning to visit for he past 4 years. There were only two itineraries that I requested on this trip….to drink and to eat like a king. Hard to write about it but let’s just say there was a lot of drinking, cigar smoking, bar hopping in Laguna Beach, Mexican cuisine with raw fish, free concert with Blu, Roscoe’s Chicken’ N Waffles and the whole LA street culture strip. I had so much fun on this trip. The only down fall is that I didn’t have time to check out the beaches in Laguna but there is always next time. I must give major thanks to my good friend Keith and his fiancé Linda for the fun times and my roadie Oliv-Oil for driving up.


DA PHARCYDE | 10-13-07

So fun! Got a chance to see half of the Pharcyde tonight courtesy of Distortion 2 Static and if guys know their music, you can literally go off singing all their hits without the aid of them. Oddly enough, Fatlip took a point in the concert saying that “The Pharcyde had its moment in hip-hop but we fell off. We were never really nothing in music history”. Dude must have sniffing his crack lines again cause if you were there, blacks, whites, asians, indians, mexicans and every walks of life in the Poleng Lounge embraced their presence with open arms. It was just good and positive vibes.


Hippie jumps, switch frontside heels, big flips, nollie tres, caballerial krooks to 180 out. I think all those trick would only get you like a 5000 in Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I’ve only been to like a handful of skate premieres and it never fails to get me juiced when you have grown folk screaming when tricks are be displayed. No one else gets it but skaters. The Victorian Theater yesterday was packed to the rim with tons of people. Stand outs to me were Daryl Angel, Shimizu, Lewis Marnell, Grant Taylor and Mr. Salazar. Overall not the best film but it had some solid stuff. I think Fully Flared may take the hit for video of the year but what am I to say. We just have to wait and see. And Nike, note to self. Lose the whole edgy sketch sequences when it comes to skateboard films. The whole “a film about the making of a film” was pretty retarded.


You guys know the lyrics: “I came in the door, I said it before. I never let the mic magnatize me no more. But it’s biting me, fighting me, inviting me to rhyme. I can’t hold it back, I’m looking for the line. Taking off my coat, clearing my throat…” My dude Rakim is tough! And backed with a ten piece band, Eric B. For President never sounded so good. This past year, I’ve been on a real vendetta in hitting up the local music scene in my area. I’ve been fortunate that artists love “San Fran”, as my nephew Ghostface would say. If there is one guarantee in life that gives back ten fold, it is watching a dope live concert to your liking. I guess orgasms comes in many forms, but I am sure many people would disagree on that idea. Seriously though, anyone who is anyone should join on my parade. Now all I have to do is see Sade live and I am one happy camper.



Well, the incentive started out decent. The idea was to go out shopping for the holidays for family, friends and relatives. For some reason I am more stuck then I’ve ever been on buying gifts this year. I just can’t seem to get things rolling for anyone but myself. Selfishness will get the best of me at the end I am sure. Still, a pretty interesting day to say the least. Stopped by HUF and bumped into sneak-master/DJ extraordinaire, Mr. Bobbito Garcia. Now I don’t pride myself as being a tall green giant of an Asian (I am 5′8 which translates to 6′5 in Chinese), but I thought dude was midget in real life. But man, what a proper dude and the man knows his classic music. To bad there is now more Stretch and Bobbito shows anymore, but hip-hop is dead anyways right? Later, went to J-Town and found where all the Japanese people were hiding. J-Town is like one of those old places that will never change. I haven’t been there since college and the place looks exactly the same. It does have a nice feel though and if you ever want to buy some katana swords for illegal assassinating at wee hours of the night in SF, check out the little store in there cause I saw a three footer go for twenty-five dollars.



So I plop on the internet at work and notice on the Fatlace blogs that there would be some sort of adolescent pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza, which is like 2 blocks from my bummy ass job. A pillow fight (insert stone face here). Oh-kay. Only in massive cities can you gather a bunch of grown ass people to molly-whop total strangers with the weapon of choice being a feathered filled bag of death. Imagine holding this event in Oakland or Richmond. People would being coming through with some ghetto ass pillows filled with magazines or needle filled AIDS or something. And maybe I am new school with fuckin’ pillows but when was the last time you had a feathered filled pillow? My shit is all memory foamed out or at least some ergo cotton filled pillow. But this was seriously no joke. I was just a bystander and I was drenched with chicken fur (okay feathers) and I just happened to be wearing black at the time which was like lint hell for my OCD people out there. Seeing that I was drunk at the time (check my pictures for proof), it was pretty entertaining for like the first five minutes.

MY FIRST DSLR | 2-20-08

So this is where the Myspace blog ends and where Mister Fongstarr begins. I have tons of other photos but these are the highlights of them all. It has been an interesting journey to say the least and I can only hope the next couple of years will be as interesting as it has thus far. And if I haven’t said it yet, Happy New Years to all and here’s to 2009 in hopes for something good. Crack a can of brew for your ol’ boy!

– Mister Fong$tarr

5 Responses to “THE YEAR END REVIEW”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Oh man, this really brings back some good fun memories.

  2. Brandon Says:

    The XTI is a great camera It was my first SLR but lately ive been jumpin ship and getting a D300 share your thoughts, holla

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      Yeah, jumping ship is hard. I didn’t invest in a lot of Canon lenses so I could afford the switch. D300 sounds cool but it really all depends on what/how you want to shoot. I would say look into the lenses and if Nikon has a bag full that you want, then I say go for it. You figure if you spend over $1500 on a camera, it has to be at least decent.

  3. emily Says:

    still jealous you met bobbito.

    and i have yet to have chicken+waffles. i cant get around how absolutely DISGUSTING that sounds… plus my body has a hard time handling shit food anymore. the only thing ive had from roscoes is a chicken sandwich… and that was pushing it. lol.

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      You have to go Em. I know it sounds obscure but the combo is actually very good and I might be going out on a limb in saying this but the waffles are better then the chicken. You won’t be disappointed….gotta get that hood food in yah.

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