By passing the bullshit of NYE, it was a great day to start off the 2009 year skating. This will soon become a fad in DSLR photography….the option to shoot photos and then with the quick shift of a button, capturing HD video. I am already seeing it everywhere on my spectrum of the internet so without even complaining about how it’s not keeping things real, I embraced it with open arms early. But its definitely going to be a new venture into this world of videography. I kept asking myself “why the hell am I perched on a chain linked fence being fifteen feet in the air, caring my $1400 camera!” and all while my asshole getting penetrated by not hot man sausage, but a cold steel rod that would even make all gay men quiver with fear.

I knew after the editing of the video that all the shots were worth the effort. To bad they will only be embedded SD form since I am having a hard time forking over $60 to Vimeo. To see it in sub-par HD, click here. Props to my boy Wongstarr for the dope Christmas gift drawing and for being my guinrea pig on this project. Enjoy my first ever edited skate video.

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