First I would like to go out on a limb and call myself a hypocrite before people start noticing that I have butt juice in my mouth and pointing fingers about how I am eating my own words out of my ass. I hate Nikons. Passionately have been saying that ever since the dismissal of two prior Coolpix cameras that I owned. Give me the answer why I would jump into getting a $1300 DLSR after learning that this brand was shit and I’ll give you a cookie. I honestly don’t have an answer to it. I know technology grabs me sometimes and I get hyped on mediocre tools like three inch screens and HD video mode….all which have nothing to do with the performance of this camera. Perhaps it’s the 10mm fisheye Nikkor lens that sueded me to get this or the 4.5 burst shot capability. Whatever it is, I just feel evil holding this camera, like I am cheating on my first love or something. But what has love ever gotten me anyways. Sorry Canon….


  1. Al Lagura Says:


    CANON for life.

  2. Al Lagura Says:

    btw you selling your canon lenses?


    • misterfongstarr Says:

      Ya’ll are some mean mugs. Haha! Been getting crap for this Nikon all day. Unfortunately (but fortunately) I invested no lenses for my Canon, except for the cheap 50mm joint but I already told my pops that I would sell that and the camera to him. Probably why it was such an easy move to Nikon but probably will be harder when and if I go back to Canon.

  3. Al Lagura Says:

    only cool with the d90 is the video mode 🙂


  4. In a NY state of mind Says:

    im sorry but…CANON FTMFW! hah
    5d mk2 full 1080P!

  5. Omar Says:

    D90 has a dern good sensor compared to the Canon Lower/medium DSLRs

  6. Hmmm.. Says:

    So, a used 5d for $1000 or a new d90?
    What to do? Suggestions?

    • misterfongstarr Says:

      It depends. I mean it all has to do with how you like to shoot and what you want or have. If you have invest money in some Canon lenses, then go with the 5D. It’s a full frame and you’ll get the full effect in all your lenses. And if you don’t then just weigh the pros and cons. Like what kind of lenses would you want in the long run, are the features in the new D90 (movie mode, live view, etc) important to how you shoot photos, are you strapped on cash and on a budget, and even just dumb stuff like the interfaces of the camera and just how the camera feel in your hands. Everyone will give you suggestions but no one will be right over the other. It all depends on the user really. I am into new things and new technology so I went with the D90 and if I had the funds, I would have got the Canon Mark II.

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