Last weekend for making gift ideas into a reality. The list was only so long this year but there were a couple of people that I had to hook up. My good friend Susan is in for long nights of self satisfaction……and yes, that is the famous rabbit vibrator from Sex and the City. Maybe this is due to the fact that I don’t like sticking things in my ass, but have you been in the market for one of these bad boys? I mean it’s a plastic thing with a motor in it! Didn’t think it would cost me so much….but when it comes to the season of giving, I guess you can’t put a price tag on a gift, let alone a device that rotates in your vagina (and ass if that tickles your fancy) while two plastic ears play with your clitoris monster. Should have got the matching colored anal beads as a stocking stuffer.

And a little gift got myself. Possibly the best skateboard film ever and the first to be on Blue-Ray. Thanks to the DLX crew for hooking it up with a discount.

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