My favorite burrito joint since I moved to the city. Partially cause it is less then $5, partially cause it’s on my bus route home and 3 blocks away from UPSF.

Now mind you that this is an “art show”. Not a club. not a concert but a damn display of cute cuddly characters and drawings of chicks with their tits out. I got there exactly at 7pm and the line stretched out farther then I have ever seen for….again….an art show.

In a way, I really miss the art scene or the art mind set anyways. I’ve been droned to think like a cubicle robot at my current occupation. “Do this Fong! Trim my ball hair Fong! While your down there, blow on my shaft Fong!” My boss is a pretty intense guy from New York and he for some reason thinks we’re all football players and calls us by out last name. Short syndrome at its finest, but you didn’t hear that from me. But I think the art fans are all the same though….exotic thinkers, styled out dressers, and brown baggin’ beer slurpurs. It’s got to be pretty cool to think that there is such a crowd following for Miss Van and more so, Mister Fish. I think they are the epitome of what success can be with an artist. I mean you have plenty of talented people that can do all forms of art but it is the ones that are distinguishable amongst others that I find most impressive to my own eyes. Take Jeremy Fish….the guy has a niche. He draws, sculpts and paints all the same things all in his own style and has perfected to the point where that is all he has to do for the rest of his life. Draw….silly….pink….bunnies. How awesome is that! It’s to the point that when someone commissions him to do work for them, they will never tell him to do anything but just draw how he draws. Of course this is my own opinion and everyone’s success is measured on different levels but maybe just in the light of money (seeing how we are in a recession and the power of the all mighty dollar is sure shining bright for some and not for others), it is pretty nice to know that you don’t have to stoop to any artistic restrictions, even with large corporations to a certain degree. Anyways my mind is fluttering off and to dumb things down a little, the art show has pretty cool shit. Check it out now till the end of December or just refresh this page over and over to waft in my photos. Hmmmmmm……

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