If there was a stereotype that needs to be obliterated, it has to be that skateboarders are punk mother-fuckin’ chibba smokers and don’t give a rats ass about nothing. You’d figure an old lady that falls off her motorized transport would cause quite a stir to the general public. Believe or not, about 5 minutes pass and the old lady is literally just lying on the ground in agonizing pain while others just pass on by not know what to do. It took the aid of almost every skater on the Island to come to her care, even though most had no clue what to do and just figured the best thing to do is just leave her on the ground and call an ambulance. I am probably going to hell for taking that photo but a pro skater told me to do and I am kind of a sixteen year old when it comes to skateboarding. I’d probably grab cock if Daewon Song told me to….okay maybe not but I am sure there would be a 5 minute thinking session on it before I’d say, “Maybe next time.”

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