Rebel 8 represent! You saw the artwork, now check out the products. One of my favorite artists, brands and kicks……all rolled into one. Good luck trying to find the Dollins. I couldn’t find them anywhere in the Bay, but ended up in the last place I would have checked….THE FUCKING RETARDED AS MALL! Thanks to Joshy D. from Rebel 8 for the heads up and getting back to my e-mails. Also if you want to see an amazing flick that is work $10 of your time, watch Zack and Miri Mack A Porno. One of the funniest damn near soft core porn comedies I have ever seen! You won’t be disappointed…….

2 Responses to “VANS X MIKE GIANT X REBEL 8”

  1. Al Says:

    was that shit the last fucking pair?

    i’ve been trying to look for one…

  2. Duckie Says:

    Dang, I was hoping that you had some older sb’s for sale =[ It’s been a good while since i’ve last spoken to you. I’ve always wonder what happened to you after seeing no response on emails. Keep in touch bro, talk to you soon.

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