With the election coming up in a couple of days, it seemed fitting to remember our past presidential winners that were more of a success to our great nation of old compared to our new nation of shit…..filled with economic distress, questionable war efforts, and a Texas loved butthead that will soon be leaving the presidential office very soon. Enter Bill “I got my dick sucked at the White House” motha-fuckin’ Clinton! Culturally loved by all in the golden state of California and a great representation of what a real president used to be. It is literally just astounding the love that I got from wearing a $7 Walgreens mask and a Mervyns suit that made people just want to take pictures with me like I am Mickey Mouse or something. I might be out of wack with Halloween cause I haven’t done anything since high school but I had no idea that the in thing was to take pictures with total strangers in costume. I am still cracking up today just thinking about yesterday and just realizing……what if this wasn’t a mask? What if I was actually Bill Clinton? The thought just boggles the mind and the guy must be on some serious rock star status. Shouts to my boy Kevin for making that bust day into something interesting enough to keep me out till 3am. Funny how I also got to chat with Robbie Holmes at some bar talking about him killing the Pier 7 blocks and how he doesn’t skate no more. What a night…..but on the way home, I should have just kicked it in the Castro cause the fuckers kept me up till almost 5 in the morning.


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