One of the best tapas in San Fran has to be Cha Cha Cha’s. Always been to the Mission one but decided to hit up the Haight one before the Mos concert.

So to the people that didn’t go to this, did you miss out? Hate to say it but this one was the second time I saw Mos and it was yet again another bombed performance. Granted the sound check guys had no idea what they were doing but Mos did show up super late (as I expected) and only did about a 20 minute set before the mic got killed. Plus my nipples were hard as nails and my feet were in all jacked up from the walk from Twin Peaks.

Later went downtown to hit up some stuff with my boy Mark and checked out the new MacBook Pros that debuted the other day. Sometimes it can be very tempting to run in this store and take a desert eagle and rob them for everything they got….but instead I have to stand there and piss and moan about how I have no money and settle with what I have….which really isn’t all that bad but considering how Mac runs, my two year old machine will be the next paper weight on my desk (was that a run-on?) Burgermeister was pretty good too.

One Response to “MOS DEF @ GOLDEN GATE PARK”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I went to The Roots concert last night and Mos Def showed up as a surprised performer. His mic didn’t go out though.

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