Passing the time. Ask yourself if you have ever felt the grand sensation of a bent boner. A morning wood cocked 90 degrees in a direction that rivals the those damn Tron bikes when they were skeet-skeet-skeeting all over the floor. Why the hell was that yesterday’s quintet when eating with a couple of friends at work? Conversations run sporadic when all you have is numbers in your head and that last thing that squeezes out is some outlandish thoughts of “L” shaped dicks, penises bent like boomerangs, ant-eater nose’s scratching their heads (that’s if you have a wang that looks like its wrapped in some tube socks). This ties in with absolutely nothing….but it fed me the idea that I needed to get out on a Tuesday. Killing two birds with one stone makes perfect sense and decided to eat in O-Town with Miss Chiquita-Margarita before heading to free Tommy Guerrero concert at the Uptown.

I think I have shot enough photos to figure what my pros and cons are and what I need to excel in to further extend this creative outlet of photography. Plain and simple….I suck at flash photography. It was virtually impossible to shoot with no flash at this venue. The place was darker then the pits of dirty bootie holes and though there are some glam in flashing some lights down a red carpet, it gives no real mood in any pictures….but of course as the geeks would say, that imo. As far as the music, it was all out jam fest with covers of old classics from Archie Bell followed by Tommy Guerrero’s signature songs of albums in the past. I was pretty surprised in Tommy’s crowd following in being mostly Asian and more specific, Japanese skate runts. All those fuckers had DSLRs but when I would go take a piss and look in the mirror with my Canon strap lacing my neck, I realized I was one of those homos….well, at least half of me. Good vibes man….good vibes.


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