I owe it to myself to take time out from my life to visit a friend that I was truly blessed to meet from a audacious job that I had once had. I think it has been almost 8 months since the last time I had saw her. Dina is truly one of my greatest friends in this world and it doesn’t have to do with the fact that she has big fake boobs and a booty as big as a tumor stacked on top of another tumor to create an ultra tumor….like some USDA prime meat type stuff word to Jeezy mane! (and I can seriously say these things without her left hooking my dome like she does to all of the other men that gawk at her cause we are tight like virgin butt cheeks. Truth be told though….don’t fuck with Nicoyas or they’ll hand your ass over to you on a silver platter with a side of knuckle sandwich….especially the women). Crossed over to some unhabited areas in Concord and just chilled in her town house, talking and shooting the breeze. No crazy shit, no alcohol, (and no AC!) but just thinking how in only a matter of two years how our lives have transformed into something totally different. Just hours upon hours upon hours of talking, till it was time for me to head back to the city and realize I have to do something better in my next couple of years. My drive home at 2:45 in the morning was a refreshing one. Fall nights in the city are awesome.

2 Responses to “CATCHING UP”

  1. Jojo Says:


  2. dizzle Says:

    Damn Fong… dope pics and your friend is hot. Any clearer pics of her? lol.

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