I don’t know….I just don’t think the West Coast understands hip-hop music like how the East would. I think I read someone’s testimony from the Bay on how he remembered the days when Dipset ruled the world back when he was in high school. The statement alone wanted me to spit on my computer and choke the living shit out of him. But I guess you can’t blame a young buck like that. Rap music is at the bottom of the toilet and what is considered hip-hop today is just a forecast of what this music will get to in the next ten years. Enter Rock The Bells 2008 at the Shoreline in Mountain View. I don’t think no one in the crowd really understood what was in front of them. These were all the premier artists of our (my) time from Wu-Tang to De La Soul to Redman and to the almighty MC himself….Rakim Allah. I walked around and found people asleep on the grass while Mos Def was performing Miss Fat Booty. Like for real?! No for real! Jesus….

Street wear was in full effect as usual. Seems like this stuff goes hand in hand considering music is almost a reflection of the streets or the ghetto but I hardly think it consists of rainbow colors and foo-foo ass fonts. Considering though, this is as real as you can get. A lot of start up companies trying to earn their ends with self promoting and just word mouth, something I respect more now then ever. Also later on, some guy almost OD’d on liqs or weed. He ended up pissing in his pants and just spazzing out in the grass. It was pretty intense but the staff ended up taking him away on a stretcher and probably throwing him in the slammer for drug abuse.

Highlight of my night was seeing my all time favorite group (A Tribe Called mutha-fucking Quest!) perform live once again. God I miss the days where slow dancing kissing was the next best thing to sex at a house party! Gotta love the early 90’s. Tribe did all they could do within a hour and half set but I would have liked to hear Hot Sex and Sucka Nigga. But a venue like this has its disadvantages with all these great acts. First off, each performance was no more then an hour long excluding Tribe which headlined the event. Second, the amphitheater was just too big. Hip-hop is not rock and I don’t think it can get all people hyped to the point where girls are taking out their tits and dudes are rockin’ out wit their cock out. An intimate concert would be more fitting for me in the long run. Rock The Bells is/was cool and for $50, I can’t get mad at that price at all (minus the $11 beers and not allowing me to take in my DSLR!). Oh, all these photos are iPhone photos with mad photoshop touch ups. I did what I could.

One Response to “ROCK THE BELLS 2008”

  1. trooph Says:

    I hit the show in Columbia, Md and the amount of people in the pit that didn’t know lyrics from Illmatic tracks was disturbing. & I completely forgot about that alife shirt.

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