Some alone time. Before heading out the the Art Unlimited show at Fatlace, decided to skate for a couple of hours at 3rd and Army. Sometimes I don’t know my place in skating. I can’t skate ledges, I can’t skate transitions, I can’t skate manny pads, I can’t skate jump ramps….but after all this, it takes only a 50-50 grind and an ollie down three stairs (yeah I said it…three!) to put a grin on my face and stroll out of there with some sort of my dignity. Shout out to Sweets from the HUFset crew for hooking my up with some Blazer SBs. I appreciate it homie.

Fatlace HQ. I think it has been about almost 8 years since my discovery of what Fatlace was (which oddly enough introduced me to the sneaker culture and the crack site known as NT). I was telling this to Reign (nice meeting you finally)….it is a strange thing that I am on the Fatlace blog lineup and I only been to the actual store about three times in my whole life. I hardly know anyone on there and I never really figured that my content plays a significant role in what Fatlace represents as a brand, culture, or even a store. But regardless I am appreciative and it was pretty much no brainer in going to this art/design show. Some really great talent being displayed but my favorite bit of stuff had to be the sweet cruisers by Jason from Shorty Fatz. If it wasn’t for the crazy hills in SF, I’d smob around in those with a custom chain handle bars and a gold tooth in my mouth to boot. Make sure to check out the show if it is still there or to at least to see the awesome Koi fish mural that is on the wall there.

And something totally out of topic, this is a result of only about 4-5 days of skating. That is pretty weak considering. I am not the ollie king or nothing but paying $60 for a pair of these is kind of a waste. I should have just flossed these out like a true poser…..I think I am sticking with Blazer SBs.

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