Shot out to Oak-town for my company’s summer festivities to watch the A’s and Royals battle it out….all expenses paid of course. I think I sat down for a total of ten minutes in our second level seats and the rest of the time, I was enjoying the bar in the lounge area drinking Fats and IPAs. If I planned it better, I could have actually had a chance to see the Raiderettes, Gold Rush Girls, Saber Kittens, Warrior Girls and some lesser known guy named Rickey Henderson all scooping ice cream for a good cause. I said cheerleaders scooping vanilla ice cream! Boy am I an idiot….

Some drunk antics later, I remember that I had to stop by and pick up my ticket for Francesca’s show on Friday. There will be more chit-chat with her later in the week regarding some future projects that we’ll be doing with press releases, shooting for her concert tomorrow and even a possible album shoot. Should be interesting to say the least since this photography venture is my new sparked art interest. Also there was a couple there that I didn’t even know but wanted to have their picture taken because they thought I was some legit photographer of some sorts. I never like to shoot candid shots but with the light setting, I think it came out half decent.

One Response to “A’S VS ROYALS”

  1. Jojo Says:

    Nice photo of Oakland Coliseum. I’m still upset they covered the top most part with tarp. We used to get silly drunk up there. When are the A’s moving to Fremont?

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