Made my way to DLXSF yet again to get another fresh deck (Anti-Hero > Alien Workshop) and I ran into this piece on the side of a liquor store.

Continuing on with the Rob and Fong show, decide to venture to some uncharted territories to San Mateo to the local skate park there. Over there, ran into two of then funniest pieces of shit skaters that literally made my guts bust out of my ass. I never had so much enjoyment talking fourteen year olds telling me that I was a bitch for hating on Ryan Sheckler and that I needed to slang insurance to better my life since I was a old piece of shit. Check out the synchronized no-look kickflip up above….and yes, they both landed it first try whiling raping me with their eyes.

Later in the night, went with my homie Mark (Thanks for ruining yet another photo with those Chinese eyes dude! Fuckin’ chink bastard!) to Cobbs to see Pablo Francisco. Pablo is like a grown little boy with A.D.D. that likes to promote gay movies with his movie man voice while intimating Arnold Schwarzenegger as a gay lover. The dude is funny but I think Katt Williams is a little more suitable for my taste. Kind of glad I can get back on the show circuit again and really get benefit the perks of SF. More to come tomorrow….can’t wait!

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