My fellow campers Gabe, Amber and Ann decided to pop my cherry all throughout the day. Took me to Cha-Cha-Cha in the Mission area. Never been there before but the place was just up my alley. Appetizers up the wah-zoo and sangria that will make you begging for more.

Next place was the Beauty Bar across the block. You figure any day would be another day in the city but we were blessed by the presence of Oak-Towns finest biker squad The East Bay Rats. Now me being this slanted eyed brother from around the way, you’d think it would cause quite a odd stir with these folks but not the case at all. These guys were bar none the coolest folks around. Straight up bought the whole bar a round of shots and would even just come up to random folks (myself) and chop it up and talk Rat-talk and living the life of a Rat-bastard.

The rest of the night was long and distinguished like my….SHUT YO MOUTH! Sucks cause I didn’t get to go the Vans show but all was not lost. Lots of booze, a lot of dancing and a lot of just fun. There was a taco joint that was in there somewhere but honestly, I really had no idea where we were by that time. I just came along for the ride. Thanks again to Ann, Gabe and Amber for dinner and the rounds of drinks!

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