Went to the Skatebook release party at FTC yesterday. Pretty easy concept, go to the shop, grab a free book and Kelch New Era, grab some brew, and listen to hip-hop jams and chop it up with cool peeps. Why would you not want to go to this is beyond me and to the people that didn’t go, you really missed out. Just some knowledge for all you slob-knobbing Vans lovers out there that don’t know any better….the gentlemen up above is the skater behind the Half-Cab. Half-Cab is a person….NO!….Half-Cab is a maneuver in skateboarding (fakie frontside 180 aka half-cab and fakie frontside 360 aka full-cab or caballerial). Just one of the nicest persons I have ever met and to think that half of the guys there were popping boners to the sight of him. I for one….was one of them.

Through the powers that be, I finally met up with Emily aka Emmulator aka The Em-Cee aka Em-N-L-O-P. Thanks for the birthday shot. I woke up to work today still drunk after a three hour nap. And yeah, some dude named Salman (Thrasher skate of the year) and Greg (Co-owner of Diamond Supply) were there to but whatever.

Later went to the Milk Bar for the mellow after party. A big shout out to FTC and the people behind Skatebook. Just a great event and something to just give back to the fans of skateboarders and skateboarding. Hopefully I can get the book signed by Cardiel at the Synidicate party today. That’ll just be so sick! More pics to come….

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