On my way to the set to see Francesca. Noticed the poster art work for the new movie Righteous Kill (S.A. Studios in the house!). The design of it had a very college feel and I would think an epic movie would consist of a better title. I guess Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure ruined the word “righteous”.

So let’s first break this down with one of two topics. First photography. After tonights experience I realized there is a deep art form in shooting people that I just don’t have, especially with concerts. There is an essence that you have to capture. Music is emotion through sound and that is something that has to be translated through still images. From that, you can almost gauge the type of music that the person is singing. Also, taking live portraits is all about angles and composition. I’ve been such a panoramic fiend that I forget to move around sometimes to get a better shot. If you notice the first set of photos, they almost feel like they were taken with a point and shoot….which means they suck balls….big hairy cahonies.

Second, let’s talk Francesca talk. I guess you can use he term “never judge a book by its cover” for a person like her (I am realizing I can’t write for shit tonight so pardon the lack of creativity in my words. I am tired and feel like a bullfrog farted in my mouth and I am suffering from some sort of paralysis in my face). Just from the first time meeting her at Beale, I would have never thought I stumbled upon someone with such talent. A singer, pianist, guitar player and songwriter. Who would have thunk-it (fuck me I am tired) cause I would have never thought so (and these words suck). So without twittering anymore then I am and to just have decent sanity at work, please go check out her music. I could probably listen to it right now and catch some zzzzzzzz’s. Good stuff……okay good night.


  1. Ac Says:

    cool. so cafe du nord allows dslr? or were you hired to be the photographer? i like the pics.

  2. misterfongstarr Says:

    Hey thanks! Kind of wish they came out better though. I am not sure if there is a policy on cameras at Du Nord but I got in fine. Maybe it depends on the artist that playing that night. And I met Francesca at her other job and she just asked me to come to her concert. I shoot for a hobby so it was just for fun.

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