Today someone’s life was going to change forever whether for better or for worse. My good friend for over 13 years was going to jump ship and plunge into the life of chains and shackles. A slave pirate you might be thinking but it was much worse….it was to enter the sacred bonds of matrimony.

The hotel room inside and out. Our view was blue skies, tropical trees and soothing ambient music….but on the inside, two homos named Oliver and Mark took dumps and slept like lil’ bitches.

Going to the Hilton, I knew my friend spared no expense. This was what people liked to call the chapel of love or what I like to call the gateway to hell. But everyone looked beautiful from the bride to even the groom. You have to feel proud at a moment like this. Sucking up your fat and just looking at your future wife walk down the isle and knowing that after all the foo-fooness of this wedding that at night, it will be on like Donkey Kong!

Putting the bullshit stick down for a little, overall the wedding turned out perfect! From the ceremony to the reception….it all had that classic feel but with a bit of that modern elegance. Nothing was over looked or over done. I mean even the Scarface initials on the dance floor seemed appropriate for the occasion. It was awesome though and out of all the wedding I have been to as of late, this one took the cake as far as presentation goes. My Indian friend Nav still kills it in the dancing department. Over 6 hours of just dancing to Bangara and Indian Reggaeton with almost everyone dancing on the floor. But do yourself a favor though….if you can find the means, get a photobooth for your wedding cause that had to be the most ingenious way to have people take photos at your wedding without being so serious.

The rest of the pictures are just for me. For me to know that one of my best friend’s is happy with his life. Knowing that the day he got married….was a good time in our lives. In an odd way, I’ve always imagined that I would marry before this goober. It sure shows what only a couple of years can do to a person. The conversations we used to have about getting married and bringing our families to our kid’s birthday parties are only a faint memory now. Reality….I have no real intentions in getting married and now, my boy Keith is starting that new chapter in his life. For where ever it leads, even if this might be our last time we see each other for a long time, I hope it leads to his ultimate success and the happiness that he wanted to pursue for himself. Congrats you guys….you deserve it.

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