The road of life. Unpaved at times but still, it seems to be settling in a direction, regardless if it’s the way I want it to go or not. I know….”A metaphor for camping? Like calm down dude! It’s not that serious. It’s not like you got herpes!” I am trying not to get my Oprah Winfrey on all the time but when I really think about things, I am just amazed where I am at right now. If you were to ask me a year ago if I thought I was going to go camping with a core of people that I never even met, I would sucked up my hilly-billy overalls and said tootin’ tarnation no! I’ve always had my circle of buddies but it seems like my “road of life” has somehow dispersed in a different direction then there’s. I am finally living life sporadically for once. Forget about the consequences; forget about repercussions. If things present itself, take some tootin’ tarnation action! Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan (I’ll talk about that New York trip another day….errrr!) but things like this camping trip was just too stupid to pass up.

On our way up to Folsom Lake in Sac, we stopped by market with some crazy hot sauces. One was dedicated to Bush’s dismissal next year in January and the other claimed to make your rectum catch on fire. Not the best marketing gimmick but it’s good for a laugh.

Got to the camp site and started things off proper. Ann gettin’ the jungle juice flowing and Chef Gabe sparkin’ the grill servin’ up some marvelous shit!

As the campers would say, we be rollin’ hell of boushi! I think….no I know I ate better up on this trip then I do at home in SF. The first night was insane! Grilled pork and chicken, potato salad, asparagus, beer, chips and seven layer dip, vodka and OJ…, food and more food! Add a game of Taboo and it’s on like Donkey Kong! Some key words of the night….chin-chucky furby, vagina bagel, crusty panties, bottled water, vag-badge, and the ever famous line….guys rule and girls drool!

The rest of the weekend went as followed. It’s hard to go into specifics with everything so I’ll just let the pictures tell the story. Special thanks goes to Ann, Amber, Gabe, Shmalyzza, Rin, John, Lulu and Carlos for letting the raccoon-whore out and play. You guys can eat my vagina bagel anytime.

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