Beale St. Bar and Grill, a great place to be a walking product placement when hot sauce is spilt on your blouse, but Melanie sports it like a true queen. This was my second Karoake session here, while my other fellow co-workers were devirginized for the first time. Break out the man sauce cause it’s on!

You’d be surprised who you meet on the daily. If only we would wear t-shirts that had print screens of our myspace/facebook profiles on it. It could uncover a lot of hidden talents…or just expose more typical myspace photo poses that we all come to gawk over. Meet Francesca Lee….singer, songwriter, musician and just a nice person overall. After really sitting here (typing this blog with her music playing as my soundtrack) and listening to her music, it really is just a great sound. Soothing to soul, easy sunset breezes, a nice cup of coffee that just makes you smile and feel good, a cigarette after sex? (I don’t smoke). These are pretty obscure things that come to mind but her music just gives off that vibe to me. Check her and her band out on June 18th at Cafe Du Nord. For more on upcoming shows, check out her myspace for more info. I’ll be there strapped with the camera in hand.

And yes, there was karaoke! A big gas-face goes to the lady that just had to go out of her way to tell me that my music set was unfit for the mature audience that sat there listening to Madonna spoofs and Tears For Fears. I know my Snoop Dogg impression is a tad off, but come on, let it slide for the night! “Yeah, it don’t quit, I think they in the mood for some muthafuckin’ G shit!”

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