“When all else fails and you don’t have that condom in hand, stick it in her butt.” Never in my existence did I think I would get to enjoy things that I once thought was loosely related to a gay ass pirate. I mean I love writing….but I hate english composition. Supporting sentences, thesis statements, logic of argument…..all crap that made people cringe when the professor said you have to write a 10 page essay on the demise of renaissance art and its evolution to today’s modern uncultured lack luster of untrained artists and thinkers. I mean writing is writing, especially editorial. It’s one of the only outlets where you get to speak you mind. I always wrote in the narrative in school and for that, I balanced a solid C+ to B- in spanglish throughout my stellar 2.7gpa career from high school to college. I mean fuck a topic sentence! Mine starts off with some advice a drunk co-worker had told me over happy hour. Had my guts all congested from head to toe. But in regards to just writing in general, I mean what a way to captivate the viewer. Sex advice, dookie stabbing vs. vaginal intercourse, pregnancy vs. no pregnancy, anal leakage vs questionable pre-e-jack-u-lay-shon. It’s gold! If I could, my new career choice in life (since design and arts have vacated my system) would be to write for Vice Mag. Hands down the best free mag out.

So all this leads to one thing. There has to be some stimulation to this blog. Photos to writing to whatever else there is. My dashboard on showed me that someone linked my blog to a page. Met these guys on Myspace when I had one and they always showed love for some reason. But still, one of the best blogs (next to the Smoking Session) to update news and videos on today’s music and hip-hop culture. Right on for the love….and much respect.

One Response to “THE DAILY YO BLOG”

  1. rich lam Says:

    congrats — all your prono related words will attract hella xxx spammers.

    Unless your wordpress filter catches em first.


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