Enjoyments in life; enjoyments on the computer. Looking at some dope shit and presenting it on the world wide web. Some people need this exposure cause the gift they were given should really be shown to the world. I am sure this is not the best outlet (on a blog), but I am doing my part in getting the word out. Not the first time I mentioned this Chinese noodle, but pop-shuv-late-flip master (aka many methods to his style aka the Yellow Ranger aka Robbie Wizzong) is in the process of setting up his portfolio website. And what is he smoking? Absolutely nothing! This is just natural talent. No drugs or butt sex involved. To sit there in front of a desk and to say “Hey, you know what would be dope? A fucking panda with octopus tentacles for legs, a shark fin on its back, rhino arms and walrus teeth. But the kicker! He would be holding a balloon all while feeling like he lost a bet with god and the result is to look like a piece of shit that was mangled together to be the PANDA CREATURE FROM COMPTON’S FECAL LAGOON!” Who has a mind like this anymore?! I once drew a monkey that stabbed himself with a banana but this is some serious next level ill shit. I had a chance to see most of his work so just wait till you see the other stuff. Bookmark his site and peep game later. And speaking of fecal, the Fecal Face gallery on Gough St. is having an opening reception tonight with collaborative print project between Michael Sieben and Nat Swope. Small gallery but should be dope coming from the Fecal Family.

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