I decided to take my new face out for a spin. Test the theory if “chicks dig scars” or see if I can get some sympathy pains from others. Probably play the Iraqi war prisoner role or the battered house husband. I think it would have been a lot cooler if it wasn’t so noticeable on my face. You know, a nice bullet wound to the hip, knife stab to the shoulder, or billy-club to the knee caps. Bust it out like it was a new tattoo in the middle of conversations. All would have been more suffice, but instead it was a “scrape face on floor and wall while strolling my frail ass into the unknown parts of San Francisco, full of blood, puke on the sneaks, staggering like a little bitch…and not remembering a damn thing” type deal. Needless to say, redemption was the best medicine for recovery…and it came in the form of the Midnight Juggernauts.

This is not the first rock show I’ve been to. Granted that this was the first FREE one that I have ever gone to (sign up on the Going.com e-mail listing) that was on a Wednesday, but I really didn’t see anything out of the ordinary that I wasn’t going to be ready for. First note, and I hate to say it cause it makes me sound like an ass of some sorts, but people who go to rock shows can’t dance if their life depended on it. They kind of all looked like Spike Jonze in the Fat Boy Slim video. And seriously, don’t get me wrong. Kudos (there’s that word again) to these drunken idiots cause they made the place jumpin’ and even gave it more of a hip-hop steez. I mean battle dancing doesn’t require t-flairs and pop-lock-and-drop-it type moves. Wiggle that dead left leg like that shit was on fire and jump up and down in seizer like symptoms. It’s the fucking shit man! Like total reckless body motions that didn’t bounce to the beat for nothing. And not just one or two of them, but like the collective of people that were there. I have a new feel for house music…and the Lil-Wayne Lollipop redux wasn’t caught on by most but I heard it a mile a way. So the band…YES THE BAND! It wasn’t cause it was free, it wasn’t cause the lead had a synthesizer like T-Pain, it wasn’t cause the lead singer’s main choice of weaponry was the electric piano….these guys are seriously good! The way I can describe them is a rock band with a beat. Very up-tempo style with a splash of lights house with a dash of 80’s pop. It’s definitely a new style of music that I don’t normally listen to (signs of maturity on my part) but music is all emotion, and this stuff just makes me want to do the seizure dance rather then the Soldier Boy. Check out their myspace for future shows and for you LA heads, they will be at Coachella with that dude the Artist formerly known as Prince that is now called Prince formerly know as the Artist.

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